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By Hal Draper

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The dictatorship of the proletariat from Marx to Lenin.

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Not a single, can you imagine it? not a single “concrete demand” “promising palpable results”! Poor doctrinaires! , and that the economic struggle itself should be given a political character! ] has also this significance: it constantly brings home to the workers the fact that they have no political rights” (Martynov, p. 44). We quote this passage, not in order to repeat for the hundredth and thousandth time what has been said above, but in order to express particular thanks to Martynov for this excellent new formula: “the economic struggle of the workers against the employers and the government”.

The entire history of international Social-Democracy teems with plans advanced now by one, now by another political leader, some confirming the far-sightedness and the correct political and organisational views of their authors and others revealing their shortsightedness and their political errors. At the time when Germany was at one of the crucial turning-points in its history – the formation of the Empire, the opening of the Reichstag, and the granting of universal suffrage – Liebknecht had one plan for Social-Democratic politics and work in general, and Schweitzer had another.

Further, there follow things that are positively droll. ”Just as human beings will reproduce in the old-fashioned way despite all the discoveries of natural science, so the birth of a new social order will come about, in the future too, mainly as a result of elemental 30 THE SPONTANEITY OF THE MASSES AND THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE SOCIAL-DEMOCRATS outbursts, despite all the discoveries of social science and the increase in the number of conscious fighters“ (p. 19). Just as our grandfathers in their old-fashioned wisdom used to say, Anyone can bring children into the world, so today the ”modern socialists“ (a la Nartsis Tuporylov) say in their wisdom, Anyone can participate in the spontaneous birth of a new social order.

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