Anarchists in the Spanish Revolution - download pdf or read online

By Jose Peirats

ISBN-10: 0900384530

ISBN-13: 9780900384530

An account of the Spanish Revolution through a lifelong member of the CNT.

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To Engels, December 12, 1857. ) "I am working like a condemned man. Sometimes until4 o'clock in the morning. It is a double work: 1) the elaboration of some fundamental aspects of the economy . . " (To Engels, December 18, 1857. ) Ryazanov, the editors of the Grundrisse, Rosdolsky, Vygodskij, and, last, no one better than Sergio Bologna have each amply clarified the birth of the Grundrisse, its relation to the work being done by Marx for the New York Daily Tribune, the links to subsequent work, the political situation born out of the crisis of 1 857-58, and the expectations and hopes of Marx and Engels.

The rational-methodical that Marx seeks here is the theoretico-practical of revolutionary insurrection. The imminence of the crisis demands this rationality. Marx's score with Hegel was settled long before; here it is only a question of going back to him in a critical and scientific manner. From Hegel it is a question of taking practically that which constitutes the irreducible contribution: the spirit of theorectico­ practical synthesis . Let us begin to examine the text , or rather the texts, published by the Marx-Engels Institute in Moscow in 19 39-41, under the title of Grundrisse der Kritik der politishen Oekonomie.

Notably, the articulation communism--class com­ position plays a fundamental role. We have hete a conception of power that has nothing in common with those of traditional political science, Marxism included. Class composition-power, class composition-transition, the ar­ ticulation of these relations are based on the materiality of the behaviors, the needs, and the structure of self-valorization. The theme of power in Marxism must be subjected to the fire of critique; we can only give it a new base by exploring these kinds of articulations.

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