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By Michael S. Ball, Gregory W H Smith

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ISBN-13: 9780803934351

This quantity presents a simple framework for utilizing visible facts - specifically nonetheless photos - as a device for social research. The authors verify the significance of theoretical assumptions in reading those information and supply suggestion on tips on how to use pictures in cognitive, symbolist and structuralist learn. The ebook is richly illustrated with examples starting from local American mask to body spray ads.

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First of all, it is a standardized technique that permits the processing of large amounts of data covering long time spans. 1. Skirt width and beard frequency fluctuations (Robinson, 1976, p. 1137). on the data that are inherent in reactive research methods such as interviewing. It suffers from certain shortcomings, however, the most serious of which involve the issues of manifest and latent content, data fragmentation, and quantification. For ethnographically inclined researchers, these issues set limits on the usefulness of the method for the analysis of visual representations.

9. Margaux Hemingway and Babe. Photo from Williamson. 10. Chanel No. 5 ad. Photo from Williamson. 10). Williamson writes: ''This is pure advertisement: the very essence of all advertising" (p. 90). The advertisement is a sign that is also attempting to present its referent, real bottles of Chanel No. 5, which of course are absent. Hence the peculiar "transparency" of this advertisement. Williamson examined a further range of techniques that advertisements emploit·o-~~~vey- theirmessage~ partiCiila'r iiiforesds the.

As Firth (1973) observed, "Symbolization is a universal human process" ( p I 'I). The social world is symbolically constituted and mediated. Actions, 1 33 appearances, and artifacts all carry symbolic significance; greetings, hairstyles, beards, dress styles, and flags may all symbolize socially meaningful matters. It is therefore not surprising to find that a range of academic disciplines, including art history, literary criticism, philosophy, psychology, and theology, have addressed issues arising out of symbolism.

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