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This reaction is widely used for separating rhodium from the other p l a t i n u m metals. The action of liquid ammonia on an­ hydrous chromium (III) chloride gives, as its predominant product, t h e salt [Cr(NH 3 ) 5 Cl]Cl 2 . Finally, t h e air oxidation of an aqueous solution of cobalt chloride containing a m m o n i u m hydroxide a n d a m m o n i u m chloride produces as t h e predominant product, not t h e hexammine, [Co(NH 3 ) 6 ]Cl 3 , b u t the pentammine, [Co(NH 3 ) 5 Cl]Cl 2 . I t should always be kept in mind t h a t t h e t r e a t m e n t of various salts with ammonia (or a n amine) under various conditions is not the only possible method for preparing compounds of t h e p e n t a m m i n e t y p e .

83, 181 (1913). [CoEn2NH3N02]X2; 20 CHEMISTRY OF COMPLEX COMPOUNDS (b) salts of chromium (III) [Cr(NH 3 ) 5 Cl]X 2 ; [Cr(NH 3 ) 5 N0 2 ]X 2 ; [Cr(NH 3 ) 5 SCN]X 2 ; [Cr(NH 3 ) 5 OH]X 2 ; [Cr(NH 3 ) 5 N0 3 ]X 2 ; [Cr(NH 3 ) 4 (H 2 0)Cl]X 2 ; [Rh(NH 3 ) b Cl]X 2 ; [Rh(NH 3 ) 5 Br]X 2 ; [Rh(NH3)5I]X2; [Rh(NH3)5N02]X2; [Rh(NH3)5N03]X2 [CrEn2(H20)Br]X2 (c) salts of rhodium (III) (d) salts of iridium (III) [Ir(NH 3 ) 5 Cl]X 2 ; [Ir(NH 3 ) 5 Br]X 2 ; [Ir(NH3)5N03]X2 [Pt(NH3)5Br]X3; [Pt(NH3)5OH]X3; (e) salts of p l a t i n u m (IV) [Pt(NH 3 ) 5 Cl]X 3 ; [PtEn(NH 3 ) 3 Cl]X 3 F r o m the foregoing it is clear t h a t the anions which are outside the co-ordina­ tion sphere can readily be replaced b y t h e usual double decomposition reactions.

For example, not all of t h e chlorine in [PtCl 6 ] = is replaced immediately b y ammonia molecules. I t is a p p a r e n t t h a t t h e probability of isolating inter­ mediate products will be related t o t h e stability of t h e initial complex. Thus, t h e acidopentammines should be intermediate products in t h e synthesis of t h e hexammines from ammonia, or from t h e amines, and complexes of the double salt t y p e . I n order t h a t the acidopentammines be obtained b y t h e action of ammonia, amines, or a n y neutral molecule on t h e salt of some metal, it is necessary t h a t t h e starting material be characterized b y non-ionic bonds between the metal a n d t h e anions.

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