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By Roberto Camporesi

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This publication offers a mode for fixing linear traditional differential equations according to the factorization of the differential operator. The process for the case of continuous coefficients is basic, and in basic terms calls for a simple wisdom of calculus and linear algebra. specifically, the publication avoids using distribution thought, in addition to the opposite extra complicated methods: Laplace remodel, linear platforms, the overall concept of linear equations with variable coefficients and edition of parameters. The case of variable coefficients is addressed utilizing Mammana’s consequence for the factorization of a true linear usual differential operator right into a made of first-order (complex) elements, in addition to a contemporary generalization of this end result to the case of complex-valued coefficients.

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Solve the following initial value problems: −x (a) (b) y + 2y + y = xe2 +1 y(0) = 0, y (0) = 0. ex y − 2y + 2y = 1+cos x y(0) = 0, y (0) = 0. 2x (c) y − 3y + 2y = (exe+1)2 y(0) = 0, y (0) = 0. ∞ n=0 λn n x n! 2 n = 2 (d) (e) (f) 27 y + 4y = sin12x y( π4 ) = 0, y ( π4 ) = 0. y − y = sh1x y(1) = 0, y (1) = 0. x y − 2y = che 2x y(0) = 0, y (0) = 0. 39) k k where y (k) = dd xyk = ddx y, a1 , a2 , . . , f ∈ C 0 (I, C). When f = 0 we obtain the associated homogeneous equation y (n) + a1 y (n−1) + a2 y (n−2) + · · · + an−1 y + an y = 0.

We have d dx − α1 d dx − α2 = d 2 dx − (α1 + α2 ) ddx + α1 α2 − α2 . 6) gives a1 = −α1 − α2 a2 = α1 α2 − α2 . 8) By substituting α1 = −a1 − α2 into the second equation, we see that the function α2 satisfies the complex Riccati equation α2 + α22 + a1 α2 + a2 = 0. 9) This is a first-order nonlinear equation, and there is no general formula for solving it. 9), see [18], pp. 17–18. See also [18], Appendix D, for a list of known factorizations in this case. 9). 6). 7), then a solution of the homogeneous equation L y = 0 is certainly given by any solution of d dx − α2 (x) y = 0, 58 3 The Case of Variable Coefficients for instance by the function α(x) = e x x0 α2 (t) dt = gα2 (x, x0 ) (cf.

G (n−1) } or by {y0 , y1 , . . , yn−1 }. Exercises 1. 17 are the inverse of each other. 2. 6. 39) with an arbitrary forcing term and with arbitrary initial conditions. We now consider the problem of explicitly computing g for an equation of order n. 46) we obtain the following formula for the impulsive response of order n as an (n − 1)-times repeated integral of exponential functions: x gλ1 ···λn (x) = tn−1 eλn (x−tn−1 ) 0 eλn−1 (tn−1 −tn−2 ) · · · 0 t3 ··· 0 t2 eλ3 (t3 −t2 ) eλ2 (t2 −t1 ) eλ1 t1 dt1 dt2 · · · dtn−2 dtn−1 .

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