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By Ward Blanton

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An Insurrectionist Manifesto includes 4 insurrectionary gospels according to Martin Heidegger's philosophical version of the fourfold: earth and sky, gods and mortals. demanding non secular dogma and dominant philosophical theories, they give a cooperative, world-affirming political theology that promotes new lifestyles via no longer resurrection yet riot. The rebellion in those gospels unfolds as a chain of marvelous but worldly practices of significant confirmation. seeing that those exercises don't depend on fantasies of get away, they engender intimate variations of the self alongside the very coordinates from which they emerge. Enacting a comparative and contagious postsecular sensibility, those gospels draw at the paintings of Slavoj Žižek, Giorgio Agamben, Catherine Malabou, François Laruelle, Peter Sloterdijk, and Gilles Deleuze but rejuvenate scholarship in continental philosophy, severe race concept, the recent materialisms, speculative realism, and nonphilosophy. they believe past the sovereign strength of the only to start up a thorough politics "after" God.

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We view theology as inventive and experimental, as a testing of itself in a continual process of transformation as well as a testing ground of and for other discourses, ideas, energies, and practices. Theology does live off itself, or its own traditions and histories, which can be stifling—and in that case should be treated as Martin Luther wanted to treat the book of James, namely, by chucking it into the fireplace. Much of the time, when we think theologically (or otherwise), we substitute catchphrases for ideas, once more mining historical archives for predetermined conclusions, words degenerating into platitudes and clichés.

Once a person becomes a symbolic being, however, her identity is continually affected by the return of the semiotic in both disturbing and liberating ways. ”27 Drawing on Kristeva’s formulation, and recognizing its proximity to Lacan, we want to affirm a kind of subjectivity for theology that is always en procès, both in process and on trial. ”28 Theology is divided internally by its commitment to the real, its need for symbolic consistency, and its desire for fantastic imaginations. Theology should be viewed as en procès, always in process and always on trial, internally and externally, subject to its internal demands as well as the claims of the world, perhaps especially the cultured despisers of religion.

Than those who seem to want always and everywhere to urge obedience, docility, and mere consumption of the inventiveness of others would ever acknowledge. Such desires invent fantasies of Christian origins that have little to do with the contingencies, agonistic contest, and retroactive justifications of the “original” moment. , as in Paul) to “a Gospel” as a quasi-biographical narrative about the Galilean Jesus. The invention of “a Gospel” from “the gospel” was, as the form critics liked to say, the invention of a new cultural form that necessarily signaled new modes of community organization, new modes of agency and consciousness, leaving the modern European biblical scholars to wonder in turn what their form-critical reconstructions of early Christian consciousness were, in turn, becoming, yielding, producing.

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