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By Richard Cleasby

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First released in 1874, this landmark dictionary of previous Icelandic is either authoritative and finished. It bargains hundreds of thousands of illustrative quotations, complete descriptions of pronunciation for each letter, and a close define of grammar that incorporates the outdated Icelandic alphabet, observe formation, and spelling. The 52-page complement encompasses a checklist of extra phrases and references from the 11th century to the mid-fourteenth century. an important element of reference for any scholar of outdated Icelandic, complement writer Sir William A. Craigie acknowledged in 1957 that 'though the dictionary is especially meant for the previous authors, either in prose and poetry, it endeavours to embody an account of the entire language, outdated and new'.

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Charioteer'. Pit. ] 'act*. It. cognates: 0 . II] 'to act (legally)'; Marr. ], O. ] 'case, action, ritual' < Pit. *ag-ion~; U. pl. sg. +• -en] . PIE *h2eg-e/o- 'to drive, lead*. IE cognates: Olr. aigid*, •aig 'to drive', OW a, hegit, MW eyt, MCo. OBret. ) ambactus, W. amaeth 'servant' < *amb(i)-akto-; Skt. ] (< *h2i-h2g-e-toi) 'to drive', YAv. aza- 'to drive (away)*, Arm. acem, Gr. ayto 'to drive, lead, go'; Olc. oka 'to ride'; Toch. ak- 'to lead'. According to Meiser 1998: 211, the pf. egi has been adopted from the original pf.

Axis alga 'sea-weed' [f. +) No known etymology. Since Lat. ulva 'various grass-like or rush-like aquatic plants' (Cato+) has a very similar meaning, it is often connected. This is plausible, but the variation in forms (al- vs. *o/ul-, -g- vs. -v-) renders an origin as a foreign loanword likely. Alga is often connected with a number of words in * VI- for 'putrid, rotten': Norw. ul 'mouldy', dial, also 'disgusted', Dutch uilig 'mouldy' (of wood). This base appears with many different enlargements in Germanic: verbal *k, *g (Norw.

Other cp. in ambi- are not old: ambidens 'with teeth on both jaws' was formed to bidens, ambifariam 'in a contradictory way' to bijariam. Pit. *ambi. It. cognates: U. am-, O. am-, am- 'around'. PIE *h2mbhi 'to, around'. IE cognates: Gaul, ambi-, Olr. ] 'around'; Skt. abhi 'to, towards, against, upon', abhi "'surrounded by, directed to, very', OAv. aibi, YAv. ] 'towards, against, upon', Gr. ] 'on both sides, around', OHG umbi, OIc. umb, OEymb, ymbe 'around'. EM mentions alleged traces of the independent use of am as a preposition (in glosses am fines, am segetes, in Paul, ex F.

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