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Some cultivars are turf grasses and make attractive lawns. This species can be grown over a wide range of habitats and it has been introduced to many areas. It has reasonably high yields of hay, fodder, and grazing. It is palatable to stock. A suitable species for amateur breeders in ecologically appropriate areas. Chlorophyll The pigment that makes plants green, and which is the catalyst for converting carbon dioxide and water into carbohydrates, using solar energy, in the process known as photosynthesis.

Foetida, and T. contraversa). Cowpea See: Vigna unguiculata. Cranberry See: Vaccinium spp. Crescentia cujete The calabash, which is native to tropical America. The hard fruits are used as containers and musical instruments (maracas). Cress See: Lepidium sativum. Crinipellis perniciosa The fungus which causes ‘witches’ broom’ disease of cocoa. Crocus sativa Saffron. A much prized spice and yellow colouring obtained from the stigmas of this Crocus. Saffron is the basis of French bouillabaisse, Spanish paella, English saffron buns, Jewish gilderne, Russian challah, Indian zaffrani chawal, and Persian sholezard.

It is one of the CGIAR research stations. Cicadulina spp. Species of leaf hopper insects. Some species are vectors of virus diseases of plants, the most notable being maize streak virus in Africa. Cicer arietinum Known as chick pea, or gram, this is the most important pulse in India, particularly in the semi-arid areas, as it is very resistant to drought. This plant is self-pollinating and, because the pods contain only one or two seeds, cross-pollination by hand is a laborious business. Apart from this, it is a suitable crop for amateur breeders , especially in India where many local landraces offer scope for screening.

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