Download PDF by José Marín-García; Michael J Goldenthal; Gordon W Moe: Aging and the heart : a post-genomic view

By José Marín-García; Michael J Goldenthal; Gordon W Moe

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Mice homozygous for this mutant allele died in the neonatal stage from diabetic ketoacidosis, while heterozygous mice exhibited the suppressed kinase activity of the insulin receptor (InsR) but grew normally without spontaneously developing diabetes during adulthood. 2 % longer than wild-type male mice. These results suggested that mutant mice acquired more resistance to OS, but the benefit of the longevity mutation was more pronounced in females than males. Moreover, MnSOD activity in mutant mice was significantly upregulated, suggesting that the suppressed insulin signaling leads to an enhanced antioxidant defense.

Increased dosage of mammalian Sir2 in pancreatic beta cells enhances glucose-stimulated insulin secretion in mice. Cell Metab 2005;2:105–117 63. Bordone L, Motta MC, Picard F, Robinson A, Jhala US, Apfeld J, McDonagh T, Lemieux M, McBurney M, Szilvasi A, Easlon EJ, Lin SJ, Guarente L. Sirt1 regulates insulin secretion by repressing UCP2 in pancreatic beta cells. PLoS Biol 2006;4:e31 64. Giannakou ME, Goss M, Junger MA, Hafen E, Leevers SJ, Partridge L. Long-lived Drosophila with overexpressed dFOXO in adult fat body.

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Aging and the heart : a post-genomic view by José Marín-García; Michael J Goldenthal; Gordon W Moe

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