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By Mark Twain

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This version is written in English. despite the fact that, there's a working Korean word list on the backside of every web page for the more challenging English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are various variations of Adventures of Tom Sawyer. This version will be worthwhile if

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A good, generous prayer it was, and went into details: it pleaded for the church, and the little children of the church; for the other churches of the village; for the village itself; for the county; for the State; for the State officers; for the United States; for the churches of the United States; for Congress; for the President; for the officers of the Government; for poor sailors, tossed by stormy seas; for the oppressed millions groaning under the heel of European monarchies and Oriental despotisms; for such as have the light and the good tidings, and yet have not eyes to see nor ears to hear withal; for the heathen in the far islands of the sea; and closed with a supplication that the words he was about to speak might find grace and favor, and be as seed sown in fertile ground, yielding in time a grateful harvest of good.

That's it! That's a good boy. Fine boy. Fine, manly little fellow. Two thousand verses is a great many--very, very great many. And you never can be sorry for the trouble you took to learn them; for knowledge is worth more than anything there is in the world; it's what makes great men and good men; you'll be a great man and a good man yourself, some day, Thomas, and then you'll look back and say, It's all owing to the precious Sunday-school privileges of my boyhood--it's all owing to my dear teachers that taught me to learn--it's all owing to the good superintendent, who encouraged me, and watched over me, and gave me a beautiful Bible--a splendid elegant Bible--to keep and have it all for my own, always--it's all owing to right bringing up!

The groans ceased and the pain vanished from the toe. " "Your tooth, indeed! " Korean auntie: 아줌마, 미사일 요격용 미사일, 영국 방송 협회, 미사일 요격미사일. bedside: 머리맡, 침대곁, 침대곁의, 배겟머리의, 배겟머리, 침대결, 환자의 머리맡, 침대. climb: 오르다, 오르는 곳, 기어오르다, 타다, 급히 입다, 감기어 뻗어 오르다, 승진, 승진하다, 오름, 떠오르다, 상승. foolish: 하찮은, 바보같은, 미련한, 어리석은. forgive: 용서하다, 삭치다, 총포를 쏘다, 포장이 나쁜, 빚을탕감하다, 빚을 탕감하다, 헐렁헐렁한, 헐거워지다, 흐트러진, 면제하다, 삭히다, 관대히 봐주다. 낙낙한, 놓다. imagination: 상상, 상상력, 창작력, minded: 할 마음이 있는, 마음이 있는, 공상, 창조력, 심상, 구상력, 한 마음의, 하고 싶은 마음이 있는. 망상이해력. nonsense: 무의미한 말, 어리석은 lip: 입술, 입술을 쓰다, 찰싹찰싹 치다, 생각, 어리석은, 시시한 것, 의시, 수다, 귀때, 입, 입술을 대다, 허튼소리, 넌센스시, 어리석은 말, 중얼거리다, 끝끝내 고집을 세우다, 무의미한, 어리석은 행위넌센스, 되지 에 입술을 대다, 표면만의.

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