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By Craig S. Keener

ISBN-10: 0801048362

ISBN-13: 9780801048364

Hugely revered New testomony student Craig Keener is understood for his meticulous and complete learn. This observation on Acts, his magnum opus, could be the greatest and so much completely documented Acts statement to be had. precious not just for the learn of Acts but in addition early Christianity, this paintings units Acts in its first-century context.

In this quantity, the second one of 4, Keener keeps his specific exegesis of Acts, using an remarkable variety of old assets and delivering a wealth of clean insights. This magisterial statement should be a useful source for brand new testomony professors and scholars, pastors, Acts students, and libraries.

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Syr. G. Tim. Tox. True Story Tyr. Z. Cat. Z. Rants Lucret. Nat. Lycophron Alex. Lysias Or. Macrob. Comm. Sat. Manetho Aeg. Marc. Aur. Menippus, or Descent into Hades Nero Nigrinus Octogenarians The Parasite: Parasitic an Art Parliament of the Gods The Patriot (Philopatris) The Passing of Peregrinus Phalaris Philosophies for Sale Essays in Portraiture Essays in Portraiture Defended Salaried Posts in Great Houses A Professor of Public Speaking Prometheus To One Who Said “You’re a Prometheus in Words” The Runaways Sacrifices Saturnalia/Conversation with Cronus The Ship, or The Wishes Slander A Slip of the Tongue in Greeting The Sham Sophist, or The Solecist Syrian Goddess Timon, or The Misanthrope Toxaris, or Friendship A True Story The Tyrannicide Zeus Catechized Zeus Rants Lucretius De rerum natura Lycophron of Chalcis Alexandra Lysias Orationes Macrobius Commentary on the Dream of Scipio Saturnalia Manetho Aegyptiaca Marcus Aurelius Meditations Mart.

Tib. Gracc. Tim. Uned. R. Virt. U. Polyb. Porph. Abst. Antr. nymph. Ar. Cat. Isag. Marc. P. Prop. Eleg. -Callisth. Alex. -Chion Ep. Ptolemy Geog. Tetrab. Publ. Syr. Pyth. Sent. Quint. Decl. Inst. Quint. Curt. Res gest. Rhet. Alex. Rhet. Her. Sall. Catil. Ep. Caes. Invect. M. Tull. Table Talk Ten Orators Themistocles Theseus Tiberius Gracchus Timoleon To an Uneducated Ruler Virtue and Vice Whether Vice Is Sufficient to Cause Unhappiness Polybius History of the Roman Republic Porphyry De abstinentia De antro nympharum On Aristotle’s Categories Isagoge sive quinque voces To Marcella Porphyry’s Against the Christians: The Literary Remains.

The Babylonian Talmud. Edited by Isidore Epstein. 35 vols. London: Soncino, 1935–52. Babylonian Talmud bar. m. t. y. baraita (with rabbinic text) Mishnah Tosefta Jerusalem (Yerushalmi, Palestinian) Talmud ʾAb. ʿAbod. Zar. ʿArak. B. Bat. B. Meṣiʿa B. Qam. Bek. Ber. Beṣah Bik. Demai ʿEd. ʿErub. Giṭ. Ḥag. Ḥal. Hor. Ḥul. Kelim Ker. Ketub. Kil. Kip. Maʿaś. Maʿaś. Š. Mak. Makš. Meg. Meʿil. Menaḥ. Mid. Miqw. Moʾed Qaṭ. ʾAbot ʿAbodah Zarah ʿArakin Baba Batra Baba Meṣiʿa Baba Qamma Bekorot Berakot Beṣah (= Yom Ṭob [in the Tosefta]) Bikkurim Demai ʿEduyoth ʿErubin Giṭṭin Ḥagigah Ḥallah Horayot Ḥullin Kelim Kerithot Ketubbot Kilʾayim Kippurim Maʿaśerot Maʿaśer Šeni Makkot Makširin Megillah Meʿilah Menaḥot Middot Miqwaʾot Moʾed Qaṭan Naz.

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