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4. , A New Day: RobeTt F. Kennedy (New York: The New American Library, 1968). p. 28. 5. H. A. , Linguistics and English Grammar (New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1965), p. 104. 6. H. , Ameri- can WriteTS in Rebellion: FTOm Mark Twain to DreiseT (New York: Hill and Wang, 1965), p. 98. Suggested Readings Note: Complete bibliographic information for each entry appears in Appendix C: Selected Bibliography. 1• Chapter 15, "Substitution," pp. 1, and Chapter 16, "Form-Classes and Lexicon," pp. 264-280.

Taking up our example lions roar, let us consider possible substitutes for the noun lions: people, moving, mice, tall, the little child, a moving van, sincerely English speakers will quickly state that moving, tall, and since1"ely cannot be substituted for lions; therefore these forms are not in the nominal class. But people, mice, the little child, and a moving van will substitute for lions, because each can be placed in the same IC relationship to a form of roar. People and mice fit the pattern without alteration.

It does, though, become part of the V form class in V endocentric structures such as may have been eating; it is composed of a verb form, eat, plus an affix, ing. Morphologically, the word eating may be considered a verb because verbs take bound or alternate-bound morphemes that indicate verb singular, verb past, verb past participle and p,-esent participle-for example, eats, ate, eaten, and eating. Syntactically, V endocentric structures take many forms that will substitute into the base pattern.

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