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A detailing of the consequences of Kozo Uno's political and financial thought. attempts to provide an explanation for the humanistic power of Marxist thought.

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The fact that use-values are not so docile at the level of empirical history necessitates levels of analysis where we move from pure theory, where use-value obstacles are neutralized, to stage theory, where the constraints of dominant forms of usevalue production give rise to a dominant form of capital accumulation and accompanying state policies, and finally to historical theory, where use-value obstacles have to be considered in their specificity. As we move towards the historical concrete, necessity becomes increasingly constrained and interfered with by contingency.

This is an important point because it explains in part why Marx would not see any need for stage theory. If capitalism in history becomes more and more pure until a brief period of revolutionary transition, then the tendency for capitalism asymptotically to approach pure capitalism would dispense with any need for stage theory. But this greatly overemphasizes the capability of the motion of value to subdue use-value obstacles. The ramifications of this are immense, making for a significant break between Marx's conceptions and those of the Uno/Sekine approach.

Instead of demonstrating the necessity of the labour theory of value, Marx simply posits it. It is thus very easy for Bohm-Bawerk to put forward another theory: namely, that what two commodities have in common that makes then exchangeable is utility. In a similar vein, Steedman argues that the labour theory of value stands as an obstacle in the way of an adequate theory of prices and profits. Uno and Sekine correct this weakness by demonstrating the necessity of the labour theory of value to the dialectic of capital.

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