A Grammar of Vaeakau-Taumako by Åshild Næss, Even Hovdhaugen PDF

By Åshild Næss, Even Hovdhaugen

ISBN-10: 3110238268

ISBN-13: 9783110238266

Vaeakau-Taumako, sometimes called Pileni, is a Polynesian Outlier language spoken within the Reef and Duff Islands within the Solomon Islands' Temotu Province. this can be a space of significant linguistic range and long-standing language touch which has had far-reaching results at the linguistic state of affairs.
Historically, audio system of Vaeakau-Taumako have been shipbuilders and navigators who made exchange voyages in the course of the quarter, bringing them into consistent touch with audio system of the Reefs-Santa Cruz, Utupua and Vanikoro languages. The latter languages are just distantly regarding Vaeakau-Taumako, making up an just recently pointed out first-order subgroup of Oceanic. Polynesian audio system first arrived within the region a few 700-1000 years in the past from the center Polynesian components to the east. whereas at the present time so much intra-group verbal exchange occurs in Solomon Islands Pijin, usually the placement was once one among broad multilingualism, and this has left profound strains within the grammar of Vaeakau-Taumako, which exhibits a few structural homes no longer identified from different Polynesian languages.
A Grammar of Vaeakau-Taumako is the main entire grammar of any Polynesian Outlier so far, and the 1st full-length grammar of any language of Temotu Province. in keeping with huge fieldwork, it really is based as a reference grammar facing all facets of language constitution, from phonology to discourse association, and together with a range of glossed texts. it is going to be of curiosity to typologists, Oceanic linguists, and researchers attracted to language touch.

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As in most Polynesian languages, there is little bound morphology on either verbs or nouns. Reduplication is highly frequent, with a variety of functions, including forming plurals of some nouns and indicating plural of S or 0 with verbs. The socalled -Cia-suffixes, which have been described in various ways for different Polynesian languages, function in Vaeakau-Taumako as transitive suffixes added to a stem which may or may not have an independent use as an intransitive verb. With few exceptions, all formally transitive verbs must take a suffix.

Deviating from that found in most Polynesian languages. which tend to be verb-initial; however. the same order is found in several other Outliers. including Anuta. Sikaiana. and Futuna-Aniwa (Feinberg 1977. Donner 1987. Dougherty 1983). A basic accusative morphosyntactic alignment can be established. though it is complicated by a number of ergative or ergative-like traits such as the indication of plurality of S and 0 by reduplication on the verb. and the use of the preposition e to mark transitive subjects which have been displaced from preverbal position (chapter 13).

G. nubo ['nu~o] 'die' vs. i-nubo ['in~o] 'he/she died' (i- perfective prefix). 2. Vowel sequences Phonological sequences of two vowels are prone to change, and particularly to reduction, in Vaeakau-Taurnako. Reduction of vowel sequences occurs both within words and across word boundaries. ', heolonaki 'delivery of twin babies'. - /eu/: keu 'fire', meu 'fall down (PL)', peu 'be stupid, act in a stupid way'. - /oe/: moe 'to sleep', hoe 'paddle' - /oil: oi 'and', poi 'pig', toilo 'right ( = opposite ofleft)'.

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