Download e-book for iPad: A Grammar of Qiang: With Annotated Texts and Glossary by Professor (Chair) Randy J Lapolla, Chenglong Huang

By Professor (Chair) Randy J Lapolla, Chenglong Huang

ISBN-10: 311017829X

ISBN-13: 9783110178296

This booklet is a whole reference grammar of Qiang, one of many minority languages of southwest China, spoken by means of approximately 70,000 Qiang and Tibetan humans in Aba Tibetan and Qiang independent Prefecture in northern Sichuan Province. It belongs to the Qiangic department of Tibeto-Burman (one of the 2 significant branches of Sino-Tibetan). The dialect offered within the publication is the Northern Qiang style spoken in Ronghong Village, Yadu Township, Chibusu District, Mao County. This ebook, the 1st book-length description of the Qiang language in English, is the results of a long time of labor at the language, and is as typologically accomplished as attainable. It comprises not just the reference grammar, but in addition an ethnological evaluate, numerous absolutely analyzed texts (mostly conventional stories), and an annotated thesaurus. The language is verb ultimate, agglutinative (prefixing and suffixing), and has either head-marking and based marking morphology. The phonology of Qiang is kind of advanced, with 39 consonants at seven issues of articulation, plus complicated consonant clusters, either in preliminary and ultimate place, in addition to vowel concord, vowel size differences, and a suite of retroflexed vowels. The grammar additionally

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Chapter 2 The phonological system In the context of Tibeto-Burman, the phonological system of Qiang is rather complex, as there are a large number of consonants, both in initial and final position, and a large number of complex consonant clusters, also both in initial and final position. In particular, having such a variety of consonant finals and clusters sets it apart from most other SinoTibetan languages. While the basic vowel inventory is not large, there are phonemic length and r-coloring distinctions.

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