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Thus nouns in Dime can be classified into vowel final (V-final) and consonant final (C-final) nouns (cf. also Fleming 1990:516-18). The nouns that end in vowels consist of two components: the root and a terminal vowel. The terminal vowels are i, e and u. g. those in (1), terminal vowel i may be replaced by u or e without causing change of meaning16. 1. /afi / /afu /aÂi / /aÂu k’aami / k’aamu naÂi / naÂe /ehi //ehé ‘eye’ ‘tree/wood’ ‘leaf’ ‘water’ ‘house’ However, the alternation may not work for every word; for instance, it is possible to say naÂe or naÂi ‘water’ but not naÂu.

Root +plural suffix Noun Suffix /e⁄he⁄ -af zime⁄ -af donu⁄ -af gObe -af gos#tu -af guuru -af kabbe -af Plural Nouns [/e⁄h-âf] ‘houses’ [zim-âf] ‘chiefs’ [don-âf] ‘potatoes’ [gOb-âf] ‘Basketo people’ [gos#t-âf] ‘men’ [guur-af] ‘crocodile’ [kabb-af] ‘maize’ As can be seen from the above examples, when the plural morpheme –af is suffixed to the noun the terminal vowel of the noun is deleted but the tone of the vowel remains and is attached to the suffix vowel. When the tone of the final vowel is low it is deleted and reduction takes place as in [kabb-af] ‘maize’.

The nature of the epenthetic vowel in every position of words is based on the cluster rule of the language. If three consonants occur at word initial position, the epenthesis is between the first two consonants because a consonant cluster or geminate consonant is not permitted word initially. Since a sequence of two consonants is permitted at word medial and final position, the epenthesis is either between the first and the second or between the second and the third consonant. For instance, between the word goft ‘happiness’ and babe ‘father’ there is an epenthetic vowel i as in the examples below: 137a.

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