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By John S. Saul

ISBN-10: 0853455929

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In that vein, 28 THE TWO MARXISMS Lukacs notes that "Marx never studied seriously the economies of Asia, Africa, and Latin America" and adds that capitalism has so changed that "it is utterly useless to refurbish the idea of individual profit of the capitalistic type or to invoke the law of the market ... " Thus "there are new phenomena about which we have nothing to say," such as mass consumerism among the working class, which serves to limit economic crises. Lucio Colletti, too, has added his own substantial authority as a Marxist scholar to the widening consensus concerning the crisis in Marxism.

17. No one has more deeply grasped, more comprehensively gauged, nor more concisely laid out "The Crisis in Marxist Sociology" than Norman Birnbaum (see Social Research, Summer 1968, pp. 348-80). Considering the brevity of his statement, it was definitive for that time. My own work here, not as acutely limited by spatial requirements as was his, differs from it in the following ways: (1) I stress the internal contradictions of Marxism which have been with it from the first. (2) Consequently, my own focus is on original Marxism, Marx and Engels's own work.

We live, then, in a period when-except for those with millenarian talents-the West's political past and its political future have alike exhausted themselves. It is, therefore, time to begin a fundamental rethinking of our historical and our theoretical position. Our study, then, is informed by this political vision and it aims to make a contribution to the larger, ongoing discussion needed to transcend the unique contradictions of our era. The Crisis Within Marxism If this situation speaks to the existence of a crisis in the West, its unstanched wound, it speaks no less pointedly to a similar crisis Introduction 27 for Marxists.

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