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By Russell Blackford

ISBN-10: 1444357654

ISBN-13: 9781444357653

50 Voices of Disbelief: Why we're Atheists presents a suite of unique essays drawn from a world workforce of favorite voices within the fields of academia, technological know-how, literature, media and politics who supply conscientiously thought of statements of why they're atheists.

  • Features a very overseas forged of participants, starting from public intellectuals similar to Peter Singer, Susan Blackmore, and A.C. Grayling, novelists, akin to Joe Haldeman, and heavyweight philosophers of faith, together with Graham Oppy and Michael Tooley
  • Contributions variety from rigorous philosophical arguments to hugely own, even whimsical, debts of ways every one of those extraordinary thinkers have come to reject faith of their lives
  • Likely to have wide allure given the present public fascination with spiritual concerns and the reception of such books as The God Delusion and The finish of Faith

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But why? That’s perverse. It’s commonplace, because it gets rehearsed so often, but it’s perverse. That doesn’t fly in human relations, and it’s not obvious why it should fly in any other relations. A kind friend or sibling or parent or benefactor doesn’t hide from you from before your birth until after your death and still expect you to feel love and trust and gratitude. Why should God? As a test of faith, comes the pat answer. Well God shouldn’t be testing our faith. If it wants to test something it should be testing our ability to detect frauds and cheats and liars - not our gormless credulity and docility and willingness to be conned.

Hence, there is no need for guidance from documents such as the Bible or the Qur’an, products of the human imagination dating from pre-scientific and often barbaric eras. Modern science has answered most questions that, in years gone by, were “answered” with a respectful reference to the almighty God. Science, of course, moves on and opens up new questions, but the genuinely cutting-edge issues of physics or biology, for example, are now far remote from the questions that our ancestors asked themselves.

Hopie pulled me down as hard as she could. I reluctantly sat back down. ” Damn! Just to make sure I would stay seated, Hopie held on to my arm as if to keep me restrained from venturing further into rationalism. I was embarrassed – not because I had stood up – but because I was allowing myself to stay seated in the church pew. In actuality, one more minute of religious nonsense was going to make me scream! Needless to say, the ruse only disappointed me. All the other people in the youth group stood up and “testified” their faith.

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