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Steve Ballmer, a college buddy w h o later became t h e c o m p a n y ' s president, recalled t h a t Gates never put sheets on his bed, and once left f o r vacation in t h e middle of a t h u n d e r s t o r m - w i t h t h e w i n d o w s and door wide open. Bill Gates once said, " T h e r e are people w h o d o n ' t like capitalism, and people w h o d o n ' t like PCs. But t h e r e ' s no-one w h o likes t h e PC, w h o doesn't like M i c r o s o f t . " 1 0 0 1 T E C H F A C T S Seagate 500.

788. xc US Presidential c a n d i d a t e J i m m y Carter uses e-mail t o plan campaign events. Queen Elizabeth sends her first e-mai She's t h e first state leader t o use this service. (VI CO 0\ The w o r d " l n t e r n e t " i s used for t h e f i r s t time, s h o r t f o r "internetwork". edu. Novelist William Gibson coins t h e tern "cyberspace". o ID O C 783. The White House launches its website, w w w . gov. Initial commerce sites are established and mas m a r k e t i n g campaigns are launched via e-mail, i n t r o d u c i n g the term 'spamming'.

C o m p u t e r s such as H a r v a r d ' s Mark I put into public service. The Long Playing r e c o r d is invented, playing at 33 rpm. The t r a n s i s t o r is invented. 673. <•> N e t w o r k TV starts in t h e US. The 4 5 - r p m - r e c o r d is invented. 2 6 7 2 . Intel is s h o r t for I n t e g r a t e d Electronics. 671. ULSI stands for Ultra Large Scale Integration, used in m i c r o c h i p s w i t h over one million t r a n s i s t o r s . 6 7 0 . A fat Mac application is an application p r o g r a m for the Macintosh c o m p u t e r that works on a Mac running on a Motorola 6 8 0 0 0 series chip.

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